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Where can I get Whitestone Dental Implants?

For the most advanced options in care for the replacement of lost teeth, we encourage you to visit the office of Eileen Morrissey DDS. Providing exceptional quality care with a compassionate-chair side manner, Dr. Morrissey is experienced in treating patients of all ages and offers a comprehensive range of services. If you are missing teeth, we will be more than happy to walk you through our selection of custom bridges, dentures, and Whitestone dental implants. New patients are always welcome to our state-of-the-art facility, your resource for the best in modern dentistry.

Whitestone Dental Implants

If you are suffering from tooth loss, it may help to know that you are not alone. According to the American College of Prosthodontics, more than 35 million people across the country do not have any teeth and another 178 million are missing at least one tooth. While tooth loss is clearly a prevalent problem, each year thousands of patients are discovering the benefits conferred by dental implants; 500,000 to be exact! Dental implants are small surgical fixtures that are inserted into the jaw during a minor procedure. Over the course of the healing process, they fuse with the surrounding bone to create a stable anchoring point for the placement of dental prosthesis. Because of this, our Whitestone dental implants come the closest to replicating the look, feel, and function of natural teeth. Once fitted with a custom crown, dental implants deliver seamless results for your smile. Don’t let missing teeth take a toll on your quality of life any longer!

If you are considering Whitestone dental implants or any other treatment for your smile, pay a visit to the professionals at the office of Eileen Morrissey DDS. For more information on our practice and the many services we provide, please call our office today. With flexible office hours available, our friendly staff will do their best to accommodate your schedule with a convenient appointment time.

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