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Laser Dentistry in Whitestone

Laser Dentist in Whitestone

Laser Dentistry in Whitestone

Since the advent of dental lasers, the standard of care for patients has been greatly improved for a wide range of procedures. Affording a level of precision and efficacy previously unmet, dental lasers have become increasingly used by the foremost dentists and dental specialists to provide highly conservative treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, oral lesions, and even to assist in activating certain professional teeth bleaching systems. Whether used on their own, or in conjunction with traditional dental instrumentation, dental lasers are enhancing precision and overall treatment outcomes for patients across the globe. At the office of Eileen Morrissey DDS, your laser dentist in Whitestone has long maintained a position at the forefront of the latest research and technology, providing laser dentistry, as well as the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Dental lasers don’t only raise the bar when it comes to precision dental work. They also raise the bar when it comes to patient comfort. Many patients who have dental anxiety or phobia often prefer the option of dental treatment with a laser, as they are silent, and eliminate pressure, vibrations, or heat which can occur with the use of other instruments. In fact, countless patients have reported that treatment from their laser dentist in Whitestone is far more comfortable than traditional therapies. When a dental laser is used for the treatment of cavities or gum disease, it conserves a maximal amount of healthy tissue. With advanced periodontal treatment or the removal of oral lesions, dental lasers are an excellent tool because they cauterize as they make incisions, minimizing any swelling or bleeding. This makes recovery time far shorter when compared to traditional methods.

As their use begins to become more widespread, the benefits of using dental lasers are truly lighting the way towards a higher level of care! For a laser dentist in Whitestone who would like to make your visit to the dental office as comfortable and effective as possible, choose the office of Eileen Morrissey DDS! To schedule your next appointment with their friendly staff, call today!

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